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This is coupled with the fact that womens hoops players take nearly been erased game core sex games from the social justice roll In professional sports and according to CNBC WNBA players garner just 20 pct of NBA salaries WNBA players also welcome about 20 per centum of conference revenue compared with near 50 percent for their male counterparts

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Really? I remember that polish off is very a great deal legitimized. Just look at most discussions around melanize victims of police violence. game core sex games I rarely if ever see Western people justify rape, but quite deny that IT was rape. That is rattling different. Your example of 'no means yes' is also A case where the claim is not that the rape wasn't bad, merely quite that the resistance wasn't a miss of consent, just consent patc playing 'hard to get.' A poor people statement in superior general, but non proof that these people think that rape is OK.

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